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GreenHouse FX Beginnings....

Once Jarvis "B'Ship" Jefferson returned from Bagdad, Iraq to his hometown of Sylvester, GA in 2009, he noticed that the local artist had nowhere within the city to produce their music with industry quality for an economical and reasonable price. So B'Ship's original idea was to create a free studio to provide to local Sylvester artist and create a major movement in order to be a unified force in the music industry coming from a very small town. Freeson CEO Boomack and producer DVS3000 assisted B'Ship on this vision and GreenHouse FX was created. The name GreenHouse came from the first studio location which was B'Ship's uncle's little green vacant house he allowed to be utilized for a studio.

One mixtape was created from this collaboration featuring a number of independent local Sylvester artist.